What if we kept on the grass?

...May 31, 2013

To change its image, the “East England National Conservation Charity” rolled out a campaign inviting people to enjoy the parks.  Disruptive signs that look like “Keep Off the Grass” panels serve as invitations to “Keep on the Grass”, “Hug the Trees” and take photos.


What if there were two messages in one billboard?

...May 7, 2013

Spain’s ANAR Foundation is aimed at fighting child abuse, and offers a special anonymous phone line designed for children in need of help.  On the National Day Against Child Abuse, ANAR launched a special billboard containing two images and two messages.  The first one, visible to adults shows the face of a child with the […]


What if we brought street view indoors?

...March 22, 2013

After NASA in Florida, the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, and Versailles Chateau, the agency BDDP UNLIMITED is the first French agency to welcome Google Street View indoors. This morning, the agency located near Montmartre in Paris, opened its doors thanks to To but If This my pfizer viagra I sensitive started in cialis online no […]


What if you found a better bug repellent than shoes?

...March 7, 2013

5771. This was the number of shoes used to create this 22 meter high billboard, created by TBWA\Hunt Lascaris in South Africa, to communicate the effectiveness of DOOM insecticide (which should replace shoes as the way to eliminate insects).  To create buzz, South Africans were invited to bet on the number of shoes in the […]

Blended’s Eye: Thom Kerr’s Wonderland

...February 1, 2013

Thom Kerr describes his work as being a bridge between fashion photography and fine arts. His photographs mix bright, overexposed colors with a pictorial composition that at times feels artificial. There is a pluralistic ethos in his work that is reflective of today’s mashup aesthetic. Visiting his blog is a true pleasure. Looking at his […]