What if solidity returned to automobile advertising?

...October 22, 2013

I wonder if the current economic crisis is bringing back our taste for longevity and solidity? Volkswagen has released an excellent ad for the TIGUAN in France. An adaptation of an ad from 2011 by the agency Deutsch Los Angeles, it is the best demonstration of Volkswagen’s ad voice: a humorous demonstration about the sturdiness of […]


What if a printed text could become a tactile screen?

...April 17, 2013

Fujitsu’s “Fingerlink Interaction System” lets users turn all paper document into a tactile screen. Through a projector and a webcam, the Interaction System scans content that is activated by simply touching the paper. The demo video is pretty impressive, showing how a researcher can instantly highlight and share printed material. Fujitsu Try helpful Aveeno […]