What if we didn’t simply measure life in years alone?

“Life is not measured in years alone, but in achievements” this is my favorite moments in the above film called “Courage” which I discovered in London, thanks to Sophie Ebrard. Created by the Swedish director Marcus Söderlund, the film is part of a trilogy celebrating 50 years of Bruce McLaren’s F1 team.  McLaren died tragically at the age of 32 while trying out one of his new cars on the Goodwood racetrack in 1970.  According to Söderlund “Films can change the way you look at the world by showing you how another person sees it. This is how I imagine that Bruce McLaren looked at the world.” The conclusion comes in the form of McLaren’s spirit who declares: “On that beautiful summer day, on that race track, I did more than leave a name in the memory… hopefully, I became an inspiration”– I can’t think of a more beautiful epitaph.


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