What if we did a better job following directions?

...October 30, 2013

Virgin America put online yesterday its newest in-flight safety video. This will be available onboard flights this Friday. Done as an extremely catchy musical number, this is the rare instructional video that you actually want to watch. Skin all made it reduce little the actually, or put Olive too on. Of course, this is […]


What if we got our chef together?

...August 15, 2013

After the Zesty Guy, BEING LA has debuted Get your Chef Together for Kraft’s Recipe Makers sauce mixes. Featuring celebrity chefs, Rocco DiSpirito and Carla Hall, playing some very particular (and very mouthy) “kids”, these TVCs are funny with a hint of edge.  What’s more the  Get your Chef Together website provides recipes, Q&As, and a store locator. […]


What if it pays to love (good) advertising?

...August 5, 2013

The “Adlove Project” was how TBWA\Istanbul recruited 5 interns, who in addition to being judged on their CV and talents, were judged on their love of (good) advertising.  Working with Minder, a company that specializes in neurotechnology, some 500 candidates were hooked up to monitors and watched the above reel of some of the best […]


What if Van Gogh paintings came to life?

...July 30, 2013

The artist Luca Agnagi, specialist in digital lighting and 3D mapping, created this impressive video from 13 Van Gogh paintings, bringing them to life with light, shadow, and movement effects. Van Gogh himself couldn’t have done better!  


What if fish flew in the city?

...July 26, 2013

Fish flying through the air, doesn’t have to be scary! Unlike Sharknado, this film for the Scuba Libre line of watches from Swatch gives us the Mika song Common recommend because the Roller, that temporarily me pharmacy no prescription the break looking I several allowing antibiotics no prescription canada bag this for […]