What if you no longer had to go to bed with your phone?


Alright, enough is enough. Switch your phones to airplane mode, shut all those open tabs, take off your smartwatch. True luxury today, especially in summertime and on the eve of the infamous ‘vacation’ month of August (for a lot of Europe anyway), is being able to disconnect. Escape from the clutter of information that is today’s society, return to a slower lifestyle. Don’t we all wish we could? Though I know, we can’t really, completely disconnect. But we could start with something quite simple. Do you sleep with your cell phone right by your pillow? Are you embarrassed to admit it? You should be.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are much more appropriate things to be doing in the bedroom than scrolling through emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the others. Or worse, having your sleep – or, ahem, whatever you’re doing in the bedroom – interrupted by emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the others. Where’s the intimacy gone? What has happened to romance?! It’s time we all did ourselves a favor, and left our phones outside of the bedroom. Emails, calls, texts and apps can wait. The only thing we really need – you know, at some point – is to wake up. That’s why DAN\Paris, the digital unit of TBWA\, is bringing us JustTheBell.

The latest design and innovation from DAN\ Paris and made in France with love, JustTheBell is a battery-powered alarm clock that synchs your alarms via bluetooth from your smartphone, so it can keep out of your bedroom!

JustTheBell is a wooden cube you can rely on, without the waves and incessant interruptions caused by having a phone by your bedside. Since the scientific and political communities are becoming more and more wary of the effects of waves from smartphones, JustTheBell is the perfect solution to keeping waves away from where you sleep. (An interesting article about a city that banned wifi, here.) JustTheBell is tiny, simple and beautifully designed; it visually and orally gives you the time if you ask for it via Shake-me-kindly technology, and most importantly, it won’t damage your sex – erm, sleep-life!

You can thank DAN\Paris. But first, help bring this project to life, your support is needed! Help finance the project and pre-order your JustTheBell here.


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