Guess the Lions is a brand new initiative that allows you to place bets on the potential winners of the 2015 Cannes Lions festival to profit a good cause. By betting 1 euro on a campaign that you think may win the Grand Prix or a Gold, Silver or Bronze Lion in its category, YOU are doing good (first by verifying that your creative judgment is world-class), but also because all of the profits go towards the Act Responsible association. The profits will be used in the association’s GOOD ACT program, whose goal is to spread awareness on charity campaigns. The highest bidders (or people who bet the most) will be awarded gifts from the partners of this operation: Spotify memberships, subscriptions to Influencia, CB News, Shots Google goodies, Fotolia accounts, or Uber rides, amongst many others…


To place your bet, go to www.guessthelions.com and pick your favorites from the campaigns listed, or submit a campaign that’s not already there. You can slide your predictions into your ‘cart’ and pay via Paypal or Visa.

I chose my predictions (which you can see here) in the Film category, and placed my bet on ALWAYS/Like A Girl for the Grand Prix. I also chose four films that I think deserve a Gold Lion: John Lewis for “Monty The Penguin,” BBC Music for “God Only Knows,” the association “No More” for this poignant film, and TBWA\Chiat Day’s film for Gatorade, “Made in New York.” Amongst TBWA\France’s productions, I placed my bets on McDonald’s, Aides and OPI.

You can already check out Geoffrey Hantson’s predictions (Chief Creative Officer of FCB Happiness) and soon you’ll be able to see the prognoses of Jacques Séguéla of HAVAS Group, Fred & Farid and Olivier Altmann.

You can also follow Guess the Lions on Twitter and Facebook.

So start betting, it’s for a good cause!

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