What if What Happened in Vegas Didn’t Stay in Vegas?


I have yet to attend CES (the Consumer Electronics Show), the world-famous technology and electronics trade show held in Las Vegas that’s been around for nearly 50 years. However, I follow the goings on at CES with a great interest.

I thought that this year there were some absolutely fascinating launches, presentations, and meltdowns (anyone see Michael Bay’s freak-out at Samsung?). Of course, there is still a day left, but for the moment I would like to share my top 5 favorite inventions from CES.

5. Buzz off!

According to the NYPD, 14% of all crime in New York is iPhone theft. The start upYellowJacket, seeks to remedy this problem. Their smartphone case looks unassuming. Like many of these plastic sheaths, it can charge your iPhone, however it packs a punch—950,000 volts of electricity to be precise. Yes, this stun gun smartphone case could be a new answer in preventing petty theft of smartphones!

4. Living the video game

Motion detection technology will continue to surprise us all. YEI Technology makes a compelling case for this with PrioVR a motion-sensor harness that does away with a joystick and allows the player to use his own movement to control the action in the video game. This creates a wholly immersive experience, and can make the games less sedentary. Although now in its infancy, I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years time these motion sensitive harnesses become de rigeur for gamers.

3. Mother, May I?

Mother comes to us from the minds behind Nabaztag, the creators of the now defunct robotic rabbits. This Wifi enabled matryoshka doll monitors objects in a house thanks to a series of colored motion detecting “cookies”. If, for example, you place a cookie on your medicine box, it will be able to detect if you’re taking your medications regularly and alert you if you haven’t. There are countless other applications that the creators have imagined in the video below.

2. The end of Passwords?

How many passwords have you entered today? For me, I’ve entered 6 and I’ve only been at the office for a few hours! We are all juggling a multitude of passcodes that, for securities sake, are often complex and diverse. That’s a lot of information to keep in our memories. This is why I loved Myris, by Eyelock. This tiny device scans the user’s iris and encrypts its unique pattern. Once installed, you can use the scanner to unlock email, bank, and social network accounts. Small, portable, and secure, this can change our online security.

1. Wrist Wars

The battle for our wrists continued at CES, with ever more smart watches being launched. Although as the New York Times pointed out, wearable devices face many obstacles before they become widely adopted by the general public. Key among them are battery life, price, and aesthetics. Never the less, CES still showcased some impressive wearable prototypes. I was particularly intrigued by the June bracelet by Netatmo which in addition to measuring the wearer’s sun exposure and informing them, via a connected app when they should apply sunscreen, was also one of the first “fashion forward” wearable tech I’ve seen. Expect to see the June watch featured in the pages of fashion magazines alongside bathing suits this summer.

I also was very interested in the Lumo Lift, which like the June bracelet, has a single function which is to improve posture. This magnetic chip that attaches to clothing like a pin closely monitors the wearer’s posture. If the wearer slouches or adapts a “closed” position, Lumo Lift sends a light vibration, signaling to the wearer that he needs to correct himself. Much like the Fuelband, the lift also monitors steps taken and calories burned.

It’s the sheer quantity of outrageous inventions that makes CES so unique. I

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hope that the gadgets in the above list make their way into our daily lives. But if not, no big deal, we’ll always have CES 2015!

Cover image source: http://www.itecharena.net/

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