What if we rewarded creative media use?

Yesterday evening, at the Cannes Lions 2013 awards, prizes were given out in the categories of Media, Outdoor, Mobile, and Innovation. The Media Grand Prix for 2013 went to Ogilvy Amsterdam for their moving campaign “Why wait until it’s too late?” for DELA insurance (video above) that cleverly used many different online and offline media. The Outdoor prize, went to Ogilvy Paris for the “Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities” campaign for IBM. This campaign could very well have won a Media Grand Prix for its use of the media as the message (what we call Media Arts at TBWA\).

The Grand Prix for mobile went to the Philippine agency DDB DM9, for its TXTBKS campaign (video below) that allows stocking text books on sim cards from old cell phones. The Grand Prix in Innovation (which I personally would have given to the Window Shopping operation by TBWA\ which was shortlisted) went to the Barbarian Group for its creative open source coding CINDER whose ambition was to make media even more reactive.


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