What if we had one last click on 2013?


As many of us know, the current digital age has given us an onslaught of nostalgia culture. Some of the nostalgia fetish is a bit much, but what’s so bad about looking back fondly on important moments and learning from them?

Which brings me to a very fresh nostalgia: for 2013. We are scarcely a month into the New Year but I would like to share with you a very enlightening presentation that my friend,Gregory Pouy founder of La Mercatique and blogger extraordinaire published at the end of 2013. As Greg explains in the slideshare below, this presentation is not a ranking of the best campaigns of the year, but rather the most relevant campaigns of the year.

With each campaign, Greg highlights important lessons behind the buzz. Here are my top 3 favorite campaigns from Greg with their lessons.

Connected Objects

I loved this campaign that Coca-Cola did with their “Small World Machine”. We’ve seen lots of brand behavior making use of interactive connected screens (I personally love the work that TBWA\Paris did for the French railways using the same technology) but Coca-Cola raised the stakes. They connected two vending machines to each other—one in India and one in Pakistan. These machines allowed people to talk, “touch” hands, trace drawings together, and dance with each other. That Coca-Cola had the audacity to connect two highly contentious countries together in a way that was positive garnered a great deal of buzz and over 2 million views.

Consumer Need

Another excellent E-Commerce case study coming from Korea, the country where people work the longest hours. The Emart grocery store wanted to encourage mobile shopping. Of course, for lots of people, going grocery shopping through a mobile phone app isn’t always a reflexive action. What did Emart do? They created the first ever “flying store” by placing dozens of wifi generating Emart balloons in high traffic areas of Seoul. People who wanted to get the free wifi were then invited to shop with Emart through the mobile app. A smart way of showing that Emart can be wherever the consumer needs it!


The name says it all, doesn’t it? This video, which you may already know of, is to promote the new Carrie remake. This iconic horror franchise has been remade so many times you might wonder how to add buzz to a new incarnation. Well, what if some unsuspecting customers at a coffee bar came across an actual “Carrie” using her telekinetic powers against a clumsy guy? Pretty amazing and the reactions are not to be believed.

Of course, these three examples are but of few of Greg’s many insightful remarks and case studies. I invite all

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of you to click on the slideshare below and get a little nostalgic for 2013!

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