What if it paid to use your clients imagination?

Lego CUUSOO is an initiative that calls upon the brand’s superfans to help create new Lego collections. The site allows people to propose an idea for a collection that other users vote on. Once the idea has a minimum of 10,000 votes then the Lego Review Board (which meets quarterly) takes the project into consideration with the other 10,000 + proposals. The review board selects one idea to be manufactured into a Lego Collection. The person behind the idea then gets a 1% royalty for all product sales. You can read more about other crowdsourcing initiatives on my LinkedIn post from yesterday (“What if brands got in with the right crowd?“), or you can come to the “April in Paris” conference organized by the Jouve Group, in partnership with CIGREF, the Conference Board, and the Institut de l’entreprise, at 2:50 pm I’ll be

in a roundtable discussion on crowdsourcing, in the company of Stéphane Bittou, Managing Director of My Major Company, Jesse Potash of Publush (see below video), and Bart Van Ark, President of the Conference Board.

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