What if emotion crushed humor at the Super Bowl XLIX?


If yesterday you were rooting for the Seattle Seahawks or you saw all of this year’s Super Bowl commercials, you’ll agree that Emotions reigned over Humor at the Super Bowl XLIX. As we know, the Super Bowl is two football teams battling for the greatest title in the sport. But it’s also and more importantly, the Big Game in Advertising. On Sunday February 1st, 2015, the New England Patriots brought home the title for the fourth time in their history, and commercials were particularly emotive. I’d even say that in terms of the 2015 Super Bowl ads, the winner was Emotion. Besides a few funny spots, including the two Doritos #CrashTheSuperbowl films (“Middle Seat’ and ‘When Pigs Fly”), big brands showed off their biggest feelings. This year’s campaigns made a special tribute to father-son and father-daughter relationships, embodied by the Nissan #WithDad spot by TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles (below).

The campaign immediately resonated on social networks during the big game with the hashtag #WithDad, with spectators and celebrities including Maroon 5 and myself sharing old clichés and live photos of father-son and father-daughter smiles.

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Dove and Toyota also honored father-child relationships, while Coca-Cola moved us with a proposition for a more positive, happier world. McDonald’s nearly pushed us to tears with their “lovin’”campaign spreading generosity, and Reebok showed us how to be more human. Budweiser, as promised, brought out the traditional puppy movie that will likely be the most viewed ad on YouTube this year (already 20 million views and counting!). So here are the 10 most Emotional Ads of Super Bowl XLIX, but don’t miss the Bonus number 11 video at the end of this post: an excellent film by charity organization NO MORE, which is, in my opinion, one of the strongest ads of this year’s Super Bowl!











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