What if beauty was entirely on the inside?

The killer film of the day is “The Beauty Inside”, a star-studded 6 episode series, that took home 3 Grand Prix at the 2013 Cannes Lions (in the category of Branded Content, Cyber (alongside Oreo), and film (alongside “Dumb Ways to Die” for the Australian metro). Created by Intel and Toshiba (who had already launched The Inside experience in 2011) the “Beauty Inside” series was directed by Drake Doremus starring Topher Grace and Mary-Elizabeth Winstead, alongside some lucky Facebook contest winners.  The series tells the story of Alex, a young antiques dealer who lives in LA, and who wakes up every morning in the skin of a different person.  Each time his alarm goes off, he finds himself in a foreign body, even though he is the same man on the inside.  A complicated life to begin with, that is made only more complicated by his love of the beautiful Leah. I won’t give anymore spoilers because every episode is worth watching, and reminds us that as St-Exupéry said “the essential is invisible to the eyes.”


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