What if YouTube made you millions?


With YouTube, you can now earn money the slow way and the fast way.

The “slow way” happens through YouTube Partnership.  This service was launched in August of 2009 and it offers a payment system for posters whose videos are very highly viewed.  But beware, the yield is quite low: $10,000 for 28 million views!

The fast way is when your video becomes an instant hit, bringing you fortune and fame.  This was the case with Fede Alvarez, 31 year-old Uruguayan Director who produced the short film “Panic Attack” (above). Lasting under 5 minutes, this film imagines a robot invasion of the city of Montevideo.  Shot on a $500 budget, this film was seen over 1 million times within its first 24 hours on the web. As of now, it’s been seen over 5 million times.  Thanks to the quality and the popularity of this short, Mr. Alvarez has just signed a deal with none other than Sam Raimi, to develop an original project, with a budget of over 30 million dollars and a 1 million dollar contract for this once unknown director!

In order to win big with YouTube (the fast way or the slow way), your video needs to go viral.  To make this possible, I recommend checking out the advice of social media guru David Meerman Scott, here.

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