What if your wastewater could power your apartment building?

Special thanks to @brainpicker, who posted her article from the Big Think Blog on Twitter.

When Tom Broadbent, an industrial design student at Leicester’s De Montfort University in Britain, remarked how quickly the bath water in his hotel room emptied, he had a eureka moment.  Taking into account that on average, a single person flushes over 7,000 liters of toilet water per year, he decided to create a system that would use wastewater to generate electricity. The HighDro Power, Broadbent’s wonder device (photo above) takes wastewater from toilets, sinks and showers.  As the water falls down the pipes, it hits 4 turbine blades that power a generator.

The HighDro Power would be used only in high-rise apartment buildings, but it could offer some real savings in energy money for the building.  Let’s wish him good luck for the upcoming Dyson Awards, which he’s in the running for!

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