What if your most trusted source for local news was YouTube?

I found out about this thanks to @mediaguardian, who published a link to the paper’s digital content blog, with this very interesting article.

YouTube has partnered with a local television news service (based, naturally, in Silicon Valley) to promote citizen journalism.  Indeed, San Francisco Bay Area residents can now go on to the ABC7’s “U Report” page and upload videos concerning their communities.  Videos are then classified according to subject and are also placed on Google maps. According to The Guardian, “since the site went live six days ago, users have uploaded footage of emergency services responding to an incident, a brief interview with a local candidate…and footage of a protest.”

This is a great way to harness the power of YouTube and Google Maps to make local news even more relevant and personalized.  Judging from the U Report page, it looks like Bay Area residents have been participating with brio. It will be interesting to see if over time, this page will continue to provide various local news stories that might otherwise slip through the cracks of the local news cycle.  In any event, maybe some of these “citizen journalists” will be tuning in more often to Channel 7 news!

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