What if your license plate were your calling card?

Have you heard of Bump.com? Just launched in beta-mode in the US, Bump is a social network for your car!  The idea is very simple: enter your license plate number on the website and you (confidentially) link it to your email address or phone number. Anyone who sees your car’s plates (or motorcycle, for that matter) can send you a message. This is perfect if you’ve left your lights on in the parking lot, left your kid in the car or, just struck another motorist’s fancy.  According to its website, Bump can also be a way for advertisers to send users personalized commercial messages—which could be a bit intrusive, in my opinion.  The below video gives a detailed explanation of Bump’s many features.  From the looks of it, this video was definitely shot in Southern California, the hub of car culture.  Bump might just become the new Facebook for Angelinos! :)


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