What if your iPhone chose a restaurant for you?


Presenting Forkly, an iPhone app that was launched last week by Martin May and Brady Becker, 2 experienced digital entrepreneurs. Forkly mixes crowdsourcing and geolocalization to get you the dish of your choice, regardless of the restaurant.  Created on a database that’s very similar to Foursquare’s, Forkly defines your favorite meals (and drinks) available in restaurants you patronize.  This allows the application to recommend a restaurant with a particular menu and to know the evaluation of the “Forklistes” — the users who have already tested the recommended dishes and restaurants.  Thanks to the “taste graph”, the application can offer new adresses to suit your tastes.  The various meals and drinks are graded by emoticons: “Loved it”, “Liked it”, “It’s OK”, and “Not for me.”  As with Foursquare, you can add a photo of the dish (preferably before consuming it 😉 ).  You will win influence points depending on the number of friends who follow your recommendations. With Forkly, the food takes precedent over the venue.  Restaurants can partner with Forkly to know who their most influential customers are, they can also integrate “official” photos from their restaurants and add Forkly reviews to their online menus.  To all early adapters on Forkly: please scope out Boulogne-Billancourt and give me some good lunch recommendations!

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