What if your iPad changed the way you washed your hands?

Are you aware of how much water you consume on a daily basis?  For us in the West, it’s easy to forget that potable water is a scarcity in Africa and Asia.  To help raise awareness for this problem (and to help raise some 10,000 dollars) the very creative Seattle design agency Teague created a “Water Meter” (see above) that measures your daily consumption of water.  Ingeniously connecting the water meter via Wifi to an iPad, allows people to see just how much water they use in real time (surprising news: most people use about 2 gallons of water just to wash their hands!).  By seeing how much water is wasted for mundane tasks, Teague hopes cut water consumption and to allow people to give their unused water as a “gift” (made in liquid).  Visit the site givewater.com to make a donation, and click here.


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