What if your iAd showed up in the papers?


Check out this innovative iAd done by Axa that uses the iPhone’s television screen to add a special twist

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to print advertising. I am sure we’ll be seeing more of these kinds of “participated print” ads in the near future. :)

  1. corkescrews

    It’s a TV commercial with a backdrop of a print ad. I don’t see how any different it is from a TVC on an electronic billboard with a regular billboard printed around it, or a TVC stuck on a youtube branded page (i.e., those that just changed their background image to have the logo, not the cool ones like http://www.youtube.com/wariolandshakeit2008 or http://www.youtube.com/cadburyaurollpack).

    In fact it’s even 1/12 of the interactivity in this:

    Hell of a push to sell an iphone app though.

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