What if your building really communicated with you?

This post is repost and translation of an article published by Mathieu Flex (better known in Twitterland as “Publigeekaire”) on his eponymous blog.

“Japan is ahead of the game in so many sectors that I never cease to be amazed.  Case in point: the architecture firm Qosmo and Teradedesign have unveiled the façade of the N building located in the heart of a business district near Tokyo’s Tachikawa train station.  What makes it so special?  The giant QR Code (bar code that is recognized by cell phones and can host multimedia content) posted on the building.  This allows the façade to be transformed into an enormous source of multimedia content, from a live twitter feed (see the below video, thanks to geo tags) to an information search, all the way to virtual poster campaigns (that would produce no waste!).  To do this, an iPhone application for the N building has been developed, allowing for content retrieval.  Judging by Japan’s highly advanced mobile phone market (nearly all telephones are equipped with 3G and mobile phone TV is very developed), this exciting idea has enormous potential.”


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