What if your altruistic ideas were financed by your friend’s votes?


Pepsi has just announced that it will be not buy up ad space for the 2010 Superbowl.  Instead, it plans to devote $20 million to the PEPSI REFRESH PROJECT.  This innovative charity initiative was created by TBWA\Chiat\Day (see film above).  Starting in February, American Internet users will vote monthly on a variety of charitable projects. The projects with the most votes will split the monthly grant money ($1.3 million). The projects are divided into 6 categories of initiatives, which are: Health, Arts & Culture, Food & Shelter, The Planet, Neighborhoods and Education.  Each month, 10 projects will win a $5000 grant, 10 others will win $25,000, 10 more will win $50,000 and 2 projects will each win $250,000!

Upon reception of the grant money, winners will have 12 months to realize their various projects.  American-based Internet users can download an entry form, and starting on January 13th, post their project proposal online.  The first 1000 proposals posted each month will be voted on, between the 15 and the 30th of the month.  This means that candidates will have only 2 weeks to mobilize their friends on Twitter and Facebook to vote for their ideas!  Go here to check out the blog of the Pepsi Refresh Project.  “Refresh Everything” is the motto of this large-scale strategy that was developed by Pepsi and TBWA.  The Pepsi Refresh Project is just one facet of this strategy, which was launched during the 2009 Superbowl with this Bob Dylan and will.i.am spot (see below).


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