What if you’d told us what you had done so far?

Obama said it himself: Dems were “shellacked” by a Republican tidal wave. Throughout the run-up to this year’s midterm elections, Republicans and embittered liberals often cited Obama’s inaction and “unkept promises” to the American people. Unfortunately for Democrats, a bad economy coupled

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with the perception of inaction didn’t help at the voting booths.

Now, I discover an amazing website (thanks to super strategist @ErikaSays) called quite simply What the Fuck Has Obama Done So Far?. The Facts and Figures of Obama’s legislative reforms for his first 2 years are stated succintly with all relevant sources intact. This may not be enough to sway Tea Party activists, but I’m willing to bet that independants and liberals could be influenced by such simple, accurate demonstrations. Why didn’t the White House think of doing something similar (albeit with less profanity)? Oh well, I guess that in hindsight, everything’s 20/20…

Some more interesting reforms:

How can this be anything but great?

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