What if you were proud of your id photos?


Seen on TBWA\Chiat\Day’s Chief Creative Officer Rob Schwartz’s (@schwartzie14) excellent blog Metal Potential.  The haircare brand Koleston Wella has just begun a new campaign in favor of attractive identity photos for women!  Just in time for International Women’s Week in Sao Paolo, Koleston Wella set up a booth called “The Koleston Spot for Beauty” that provided women with a hairstylist and makeup artist as well as a professional photographer in order to ensure that they would be looking their very best for their ID photos. Each participant received a printout of her photo as well as an email containing the digital version of the photo (for use on social networks, naturally!).  Over 2000 Brazilian women participated in the event and it received wide ranging press coverage.  This seemed to take an opposite stance from the famous Dove campaigns that celebrated so-called “real beauty” (see below) that comes from inside.  Wella gently reminds us that looking nice, is well, nice.


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