What if you were only 17 minutes away from your living God?

This post is a reprint (and translation) of an article excerpted from one of my favorite blogs “KairosMosaïque“, written by Alexandre Richichesu.  You surely know about the theory of “six degrees of separation”, established in 1929 by Frigyes Karinthy, that posited that every person in the world could be connected to any other person by a maximum of 5 other links.  Now we can measure our separation not only in degrees but also in minutes, it only takes 17 minutes to connect to George Lucas!

“Social Network’s efficiency needs no longer to be proved.  Imagine that you wish to meet George Lucas—how would you do this?  This was the question that the best site ever, The Cool Hunter, asked one day: “Does anyone have access to George Lucas?”  17 minutes after putting this message on their Facebook fanpage (that has over 44,000 fans) came a response from @philipbloom, who just happens to be the cinematographer for Mr. Lucas and who also just happened to be in his presence.  Only history will tell us if George Lucas then agreed to give 2 minutes of his time to The Cool Hunter.  What we will remember is that it took only a few minutes to connect two people who had nothing in common.

According to the Spanish sociologists Manuel Castells, the Network has always been considered to be the best possible organizational structure.  Today, new information and communication technologies “allow” and increase this mode of communication.  Castells places the network at the heart of contemporary social and cultural transformations.  Our social relations and our individual construction are “against and with society in a network”.  However, technology can intensify this communication ideal and thus, kill it.  In fact, some people regret the intensification and acceleration of social relations in a network-based society.  Smaller scale relationships, that give a real sense to interpersonal reactions, seem to be disappearing.  However, this type of postmodern critique that sees the Internet as a world that is turned inward has been going out of style.  Factually speaking, people who have a big network online; have a highly developed social life offline.  What’s more, these highly connected people are more likely to transform a virtual friend into a “real” friend.  George Lucas, hear the call and use the force of The Cool Hunter!”

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