What if you were in New York with me?

It is 5 AM in France, and I have just gotten back from MASSIVEGOOD Studio in New York City. This event celebrated the coming Thursday launch of MASSIVEGOOD at the UN.  I had the privilege of seeing the premier of Spike Lee’s “Masterpieces” (co-produced with the agency Fred&Farid, who have partnered with TBWA on this project) and of spending the evening with will.i.am and South African music star Yvonne Chaka Chaka who recorded the MASSIVEGOOD song, which was co-written by international DJ, David Guetta.  The song will be available at a later date.  While waiting, don’t miss the interview of will.i.am and David Guetta on DipDive that was filmed backstage at Madison Square Garden– click here to see the interviews.  I’ll let you check out Spike Lee’s film below.



Even if you’re not travelling, you can still give do MASSIVEGOOD in 5 different ways:

-By signing up on the site at www.massivegood.org (click on “Join”) and sharing content on your blog, Facebook and Twitter

-By giving a micro (or macro) contribution (click on “donate” on the website).

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Thanks for your help.


  1. David Guetta

    That is pretty instresting.David guetta is my favorite.

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