What if you took a surprise test drive?


Nissan is at it again! Done by TBWA\RAAD in Dubai, this is yet another way Nissan has managed to sneak in a test drive for a new vehicle. The brand decided to promote the Nissan Patrol SUV by finding other parked SUV’s and blocking them with the Nissan Patrol. Each Patrol had a note on its windshield apologizing and telling the driver that they could move the car if they needed to because the keys were in the ignition. Once the unsuspecting drivers got in the car, they were quickly informed by a recording that this was a ruse. The virtues of the Patrol were

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extolled, and the drivers were encouraged to sign up for a test drive. Results? 78% of people targeted came in to take a test drive. Between this operation and the one in Stuttgart, Nissan is finding some gutsy, disruptive ways to get people in their cars!

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