What if you saved that summer idea?

We begin anew on Season 4 of this blog, full of good resolutions after three too-short weeks of summer break. I wish to start with a remarkable article published on the excellent site echos.fr by Aubry Pierens, managing partner at WE Consulting, entitled, “The idea that you had last August 13, around 10:56 PM, was good!” I’ve translated an excerpt for you below. I agree 200% with the author’s arguments and I bet you will too. But will you or I let our ideas become actions? In any case I wish you all a welcome back from the break and may we all be full of killer ideas that we won’t let die!

The idea that you had last August 13, around 10:56 PM, was good. Perhaps even better than one you were supposed to have at your management meetings. You could finally breathe again in the scorching summer air. You were not face to face with your co-workers.

For the past few days, your wife, the sea, and the stars seemed more beautiful. You could have even forgotten that you were on vacation. And then suddenly, the idea popped out and it made you a winner. You could no longer go back to work as if nothing had happened. It was imperative that work changed or you did.

The idea that you had while facing the sea last August 13, around 10:56 PM, was good. The inner joy that it lit up in you had nothing to do with the secret glee that you were on the threshold of getting a bonus. Or the confirmation of your brand leadership in the market segment of “Washed rind cheese products.”

Remember, you’re flying! Your vision suddenly goes farther than your next executive committee. Everything follows with an implacable logic. You have again become the master of your destiny. You see the next 11 months that separate now and the summer of 2013 as a rare delicacy. Your company would mobilize around your beautiful project. You’re going to change your relationship with your team. You’re seriously going to have work-life balance now. Then why the hell have you abandoned this brilliance by clinging to the tree of fear, of doubt, of disillusion, or of comfort, just before the toll booth of Saint-Arnoult? ¹

(for a Google translation of the rest of this article originally in French, click here)

¹ Saint Arnoult is the last toll booth on the highway when driving back to Paris, 50 kilometers from the city. It is very famous for its traffic jams when Parisians are all coming back home from summer vacation.

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