What if you said something nice?


Check out Improv Everywhere’s latest mission “Say Something Nice” (video above).  For those in need of a refresher, Improv Everywhere was founded in 2002 by Charlie Todd.  In 10 years, Improv Everywhere has completed over 100 missions, my personal favorite being the No Pants Subway Ride (see my post from last May).  “Say Something Nice” is sweetly simple: a megaphone with a placard is set up encouraging passersby to say nice things.  This performance will be featured in stillspotting nyc, an upcoming Guggenheim exhibition that will feature various performance art within the 5 borroughs of Manhattan.  A second Improv Everywhere piece called “Mute Button” (video below) will also be present in the exhibition.  Featuring 23 actors and 2 very talented dogs, this mission puts a mute button on street cacophony!


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