What if you made friends with some martians?

Autumn is upon us!  Personally, I think one of the pleasures of the “back-to-school” season is getting to make new friends.  I’ve already made 4 on Facebook.  Among my many friends, these are perhaps the easiest to recognize as they are all green.  For the past few days Joe Martian, Mike Martian, Alain Martian and Nico Martian (I wonder why he’s my favorite :) ) have been hanging around on Facebook for a social media encounter of the third kind.  These Martians have landed on earth to answer questions in real time (in multiple languages) and share photos, jokes and comments.

For the non-French, these Martians have come to earth looking for eggs, their desires only being sated with Lustucru egg noodles served by Germaine, a rural French grandmother (check out their fan page on Facebook!).  This is not the first time that the Martians have come in search of Germaine, they were last here some 25 years ago.

The return of the Martians is all part of BDDP Unlimited and \XL’s campaign for Lustucru (see video below).  Total transparency: these agencies are both part of TBWA\France ;-)!


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