What if you helped design and construct your next car?

Here is the first truly 2.0 car created by an online community of automobile racing fans.  An initiative of Local Motors, a manufacture of customized cars—the “Rally Fighter” is the result of some 35,000 sketches submitted by 2,900 members from over 100 countries.  The results aren’t so bad and the first tests (see below video) are quite convincing.  In addition to the community-designed cars, you can participate in the manufacture of your own car at the Local Motors workshop.  Costing around $50,000, you get to spend 6 days working with the team that will construct your car.  Automobile construction normally takes 2 weeks.  Other fun models that are being designed collectively include the Miami Roadster, The Green Apple (for the Big Apple, natch) and The Boston Bullet.  You can find these models and others on Local Motors’ Design wall.


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