What if you had 20 seconds to save the world?


A meteor is heading towards Earth and not a single conventional weapon can stop it. Can you? You have only 20 seconds…Think up some unconventional weaponry and you can win a ticket to the Paris-Deauville American film Festival (from September

2 to September 11).

The “Mission Paris-Deauville” was created by the SNCF and TBWA\PARIS as a way to promote the Intercités Train line that connects the city of Deauville with Paris. To play, go to www.missionparisdeauville.com and you’ll find yourself in the heart of an American action movie.

I tip my hat to the Salto brothers, who made the film look like a big budget summer blockbuster, and to the actors Joseph Malerba and Pierre Diot (playing the train agent, we saw him last year in the Paris-Deauville Code). I’ve played twice and won a personnalized computer background (in any event, I am not exactly eligible to win any tickets for the film festival, considering where I work 😉 ). Enjoy!

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