What if you got a present just for checking in?

Snow, lights, carols: It’s beginning

to look a lot like Christmas! Yes, the holidays are upon us, whether we like it or not. To celebrate this time of year, McCafé’s in Germany have given a facelift to a classic: The Advent Calendar. Using their slogan “Everything good starts with a cup of coffee”, the McCafé Advent Calendar rewards people who check-in to an establishement via FourSquare or Facebook Places with a digital gift, from now until Christmas.
This innovative campaign wouldn’t be possible without unloqable, a service from TBWA\Berlin that offers digital content based on location. I really love the elegance of this service, that seamlessly combines the physical world with the digital world.

McCafé is the first client to test out unloqable, but I’m willing to bet that many other clients will follow.

PS: I haven’t forgot that today is the second night of Chanukah. In honor of this, check out Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s “Can I Interest You in Chanukah?” below 😉


Thanks to @TBWA for tweeting this and linking to this article.

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