What if you followed some of my favorite tweeters?

Every autumn, I co-teach a course on branding at the Sciences-Po School of Communications. Our students number around 100-120, all in their first year of a 2-year long masters program. On the first day, I like to poll the room to see who is on Twitter as I believe that keeping up with Twitter is of utmost importance in our profession. Every year, the number of students on Twitter grows, however, they don’t always have an idea who they should be following to get good information on the advertising and communications industry. Last week on my French blog, I gave out my Top 25 recommendation for French communications/marketing Twitter accounts. Now, as promised, here is the list for the English-language accounts that I would recommend any of my students interested in communication, marketing, advertising and design follow.

First lets start with the industry press:

Favorite Blogs
@adfreak: The blog component to AdWeek, great compilations of ads from the past.
@adrants: The newswire for everything marketing and advertising related.
@itsnicethat: The Twitter feed for the beautiful and engaging blog celebrating

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@helloyoucreatives: A creative collective, featuring beautiful, funny, and thought-provoking creative.

Some Outstanding Figures in the Field
@mashable: When it comes to social media and Internet news, Pete Cashmore and his team at Mashable cannot be beat.
@adcontrarian: an anonymous blogger in the industry whose acerbic missives on media, brands, and advertising are very often spot-on.
@southsideadguy: AKA Anthony Kalamut—a prolific tweeter and professor whose “Creative Thinkers Daily” is a must read.
@dmscott: The man who penned The New Rules of Marketing and PR hews closely to them with his prolific Twitter account.
@Ad_Chickadee: AKA Karen Moran, AKA one of my first followers. True to her name-bird, @Ad_Chickadee twitter feed is chirpy, fun, and informative.
@Michael Coldwell : There is never a dull moment with this self-described “wise-cracking porcine”.
@copyblogger: Brian Clark always provides a fresh point of view on content.
@SocialMedia411: Exactly what you would expect: direct, informative how-tos and case studies on everything social.
@ThisIsSethsBlog: Seth Godin, founder of Squidoo, also has a personal blog where he posts on topics ranging from innovation, business and customer experience. Always fresh, always interesting.

Daily inspiration:
@Schwartzie14: Rob Schwartz has turned advertising award predictions into a science. See some great creative work and read his well-informed opinions.
@LeeClowsbeard: I didn’t think it was possible to distill Lee Clow’s wisdom into 140 characters. How wrong I was.
@dandad: The Twitter feed for the UK-based creative awards gives a daily dose of inspiring creative work.
@curisoitycounts: The Twitter account for TBWA’s brain booty, a beautifully crafted daily dose of articles, images, films and music.
@behance: In case you’re not familiar with Behance, the site acts as a showcase for creative work of all stripes.
@brainpicker: What could be better than Maria Popova’s finely curated blog brainpickings? Her inspiring and prolific tweets.
@designobserver: Writings on art, design, and culture.

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