After the beautiful film “Instinct of Color“, OPI, together with DAN PARIS, has invented an all new universal language – made up of only color. The brand of over 400 shades of nail polish illustrates its historical passion for color by creating a complete alphabet made up of 145 characters (including letters, numbers and signs), made up of drops of beautiful variations of nail lacquer. The operation includes a film (below) and a brand new app called the OPI Color Chat app, which you can download here.

The first brand to have dared blue, green or yellow nail polish, OPI knows that, beyond estheticism, the color you wear on your nails is a way of communicating. Just like language, color is a form of expression that we can all use. OPI and the agency DAN Paris have created this new graphic language and the very first free mobile app to allow people to speak, read and write, using only color. Whether it’s a love declaration, a random thought or a harsh criticism, everything is more beautiful in color.


Available in 77 countries on the App Store and on Google Play, the OPI ColorChat™ app is coupled with a vast international media campaign of print, press, digital and social media, and animations on the giant screens of Time Square. Let’s speak in color!


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