What if you could pay with a tweet?


Special thanks to Corey Cruz (@corkescrews), a creative from Manila and winner of the “Killer Idea of 2009” Challenge (click here), who introduced me to an initiative (very similar to my #Dayofthethinker post from last Sunday and titled What if Social Capital became money?) called Pay With a Tweet.  You’ve already heard of sponsored tweets, re-tweeting contests, branded twitter backdrops and the like—well now you can buy a product (by downloading, for the moment) in exchange for your twitter followers.  In short, you need only tweet.  The system is totally automated: you click and all your followers (however many they are) receive the message that activates your download of a book, music or other product.  Created by Innovative Thunder, the service offers for the moment a download of the E-Book titled Oh My God, What Happened and What Should I Do? I downloaded the book yesterday and will get to reading it ASAP.  Maybe it will end up as a #Dayofthethinker post this Sunday! 😉

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