What if you caught the London virus?


The London Virus is a pair of free Eurostar tickets from Brussels to London.  You can spread the virus by passing along the tickets to others who will do likewise.  To give Belgians the best options to enjoy London, the most exciting capital city in Europe, a mere 1 hour and 51 minutes from Brussels, TBWA\Brussels created this viral operation to allow thousands to travel thanks to the website, www.londonvirus.be.  150 “infected” tickets will, over a few months total some 2000 round trips.  Local radio stations distributed these tickets and winners could then give the tickets to family and friends to use for another trip.  If a virus ticket has not been activated within 24 hours of reception, then it’s up for grabs on the website for the first person to click on the ticket.  You can even download a “virus” application for your mobile phone that alerts you when a “virus” ticket gets online.  With the virus tickets, each traveler becomes an ambassador for London and can give the London virus to their friends.  To follow in real time the 150 carriers of the London virus click here! You can also follow the London Virus on facebook and twitter, where, as of yesterday they already had 3310 followers.

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