What if you bought your future boss’s name on Google?


Gregory Pouy’s weekly recap of the best viral videos has once again served as an invaluable source of inspiration for this blog: it’s rare that there isn’t at least one weekly gem that has escaped the wisdom of my Twitter network. 😉

Alex Brownstein (who writes a blog titled Jerks in Your Area) not only succeeded in getting a job, but he was awarded a creative prize at the Clio Awards in New York.  As he explains in the video above, he was able to be interviewed where he wanted, by playing on the natural egotism of some of the world’s top Creative Directors such as: Gerry Graf, David Dorga, Tony Granger, Ian Reichental and Scott Vitrone.  Brownstein decided to buy the “Google Ad Words” corresponding to the names of the Creative Directors in question, which for the total sum of 6 dollars, allowed him to have the first result on Google with his own personalized message for each director.  Alex correctly betted on the egotism of the directors who often Googled themselves: he met all but one director, and he got two job offers before signing at Young&Rubicam in New York!

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