What if will.i.am were MASSIVEGOOD?

will.i.am is an exceptional artist, not only based on the size of his talent, but also on the size of his heart.  He has decided to voluntarily support the MASSIVEGOOD project (click here to see will.i.am’s support for MASSIVEGOOD on his site DipDive).  At the moment, he is currently preparing the MASSIVEGOOD song that should be released right before this summer, in support of MASSIVEGOOD.

Thus, the MASSIVEGOOD team came to support the Black Eyed Peas in Paris and, thanks to the amazing Michael Jurkovac (DipDive producer and director of the famous “Yes, We Can” Obama video) we got to go backstage.  You can see an exclusive clip (third video below) and a photo (at the bottom) of Fergie coming backstage right after tearing it up with “I’ve got a feeling” (first video below, found on Youtube, second video of the audience taken with my iPhone).

If you’re in Paris and you couldn’t make it to Thursday’s concert, don’t miss the concerts on June 4th and 5th: only the Black Eyed Peas are capable of topping U2 in terms of ambiance!

Because I was able to follow will.i.am late into the night, check out these (iPhone quality 😉 ) videos of Apl.de.ap mixing at a VIP party and will.i.am at Paris’ Showcase nightclub!






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