What if we were responsible for our digital traces?

Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’.‬


The Belgian bank Febelfin decided to take head on the issue of online confidentiality and the right to anonymity by launching, with the help of its agency Duval Guillaume, a spectacularly ludicrous operation for safeinternetbanking.be, the video for which has been rapidly going around the net. At the center of this campaign is Dave, a medium with “paranormal” powers. Passers-by were invited to ask him for free personal advice—an operation that proceeds with great success. But hidden behind Dave were some “hackers” discreetly whispering any information left on public websites

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by the visitors: the names of their children, the price of their home, the amount on their bank account, what they spent on clothes the previous month, their credit card number, etc. A very convincing demonstration that deserves to be widely shared. It is time to realize that in the real world as in the virtual world, we are responsible for the traces we leave!

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