What if we went back to the best of comparative advertising?


Comparative advertising.  In my home country of France, this form of advertising is highly regulated: only objectively comparable elements can be held up—thus providing very little creative interest.

Of course, what makes the Avis/Hertz, Pepsi/Coke and, more recently Mac/PC campaigns great is their overt subjectivity.  The infamous Mac/PC campaign has featured some 66 films produced by TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles, since its inception in 2006.  Go here, to see all of the spots by year.

Which one is your favorite?  Personally, I am a fan of spot n° 49 “Bean Counter” (above), made in response to Microsoft’s massive 2008 “I am a PC” campaign and the brand’s subsequent problems with Window’s Vista.

However, when it comes to comparative ads, my perennial favorite will always be Pepsi’s “Archeology” spot (see below), dating from 1986.  Using their slogan “The choice of a new generation”, Pepsi imagined a future world where people wouldn’t even know that Coca Cola had once existed!


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