What if we went back to Pompeii?

Seen on Paper-plane, a favorite blog of mine, written by communications student Pierre Ayroles, comes this ingenious campaign done by TBWA Aukland.

“In order to highlight the partnership between Visa and the “Go Back To Pompeii” exhibition at the Museum of New Zealand, the agency TBWA\Tequila Auckland imagined a billboard-based ambient marketing campaign.

The Wellington Airport was chosen by the agency as the strategic point of contact in the campaign—an excellent choice, as tourists were the targeted audience for the exhibition.  After a long flight, travelers waiting at baggage claim suddenly see a flow of lava taking over the baggage carrousel—a great way to grab the attention of a captive audience.

However, it seems like the agency has forgotten that the mythic Vesuvius was an explosive volcano that spewed lava, and not an effusive volcano, where lava flows in rivers. No matter, the campaign is still fantastic and innovative, despite some volcanic differences.”

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