What if we took the lolcats shopping?


Many thanks to the amazing @mitchellholder for telling me about this on Twitter!

Our never-ending love affair with cats is as strong as ever!  One year after the lolcats made it to Entertainment Weekly’s Top 100 Media List of the past decade, Ikea UK decides to let loose 100 felines in one of their stores.  The above video shows what happened the night that the cats came in (basically a lot of territorial behavior and a few adorable shots of kitties—erm ‘kittehs’—sleeping on furniture).

Why did Ikea do this, you ask?  This video has almost nothing to do with their brand— indeed this same sort of operation could have been done at any big chain store.  Most likely, Ikea wants to capitalize on the insane popularity of cats as online memes.  To wit: in 24 hours, the video has already had some 200,000 views and has made the rounds of plenty of blogs.  Plus we know that combining cats with cat herding, is the is a winning recipe for popularity.  Who could forget the eds.com ads from 10 years ago?


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