What if we took out our earbuds for a free concert?

Special thanks to @carolinedeleuze for tweeting this!

This summer in New York City, some 60 pianos were placed throughout Manhattan and its 5 burroughs as part of a public art project.  Each gaily decorated piano is marked with the sign, “play me, I’m yours.”

Thought up by artist Luke Jerram, who realized that despite seeing the same group of people, every week at the local laundromat, he never once engaged in a conversation with this group of regulars.  He came to the conclusion that all over New York groups of people congregate in common spaces (bus stops, coffee shops, laundrymats) without ever interacting.  His response?  Pianos.

These pianos have been a huge success, and have caught on in eight other cities worldwide. The pianos have brought together musicians of all stripes, neighborhood kids, and in one case a tap dancer!  In this very moving video done by “Time” magazine, we get to see a sing-along to Frank Sinatra at City Hall, classical music in the Bronx and even some Celine Dion in Harlem!

Watching this, I remembered how important music can be in bringing people together.  What if we took off our headphones and enjoyed some music with strangers?

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