What if we took more time to play with our children?


This post was spontaneously proposed to me via Twitter by @martinperraud, creator of the BEX website—the “brand experience” website.

“What if we played more often with our children?” this is the offer of Ikea through a very beautiful project put on Facebook: Playreport.  This collaborative research project uses Facebook as a means to share reflections and ideas from 25 countries to fight against a terrible statistic that is threatening us all: we don’t play enough with our children! Why? The answer will be provided thanks to 11,000 interviews, 8,000 of which are of parents and 3,000 of children aged 7 to 12 years old.  The structure is impressive and very innovative.  Totally integrated with Facebook (very “now”), the objective of this research platform is to create more Ikea Playgrounds.  Above all (according to Ikea), this is the biggest online study that includes parents and children in an overall appraisal of the notion of “play” worldwide.  This project began in 2008 and the initial results were surprising.  To wit: 45% of parents interrogated regret not having the time to play with their children, 26% state that they are too stressed to play with their children, and 50% believe that play must always be educative.  As for the children, they just want to have fun!  It’s disconcerting that such a large number of parents have stated that they have forgotten how to play.  However, we can be reassured that some 73% of children prefer playing with their parents to watching television.  I’ll let you discover the rest, with detailed country-by-country statistics.

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