What if we took a (augmented reality) break?


I read about this clever campaign on Rob Schwartz’s excellent blog Metal Potential.  Kit Kat has long been known for its iconic “give me a break” jingle and slogan.  Now the brand is reinforcing its position with an ambitious augmented reality campaign in the UK.

Kit Kat “4 finger bars” now have an augmented reality code embedded on their wrappers.  Consumers can simply go to the site www.kitkat.co.uk, hold the code up to a webcam and watch a “concert” given by the up-and-coming group “Scouting for Girls” (see above).  This quirky video shows the band playing in various places that are ideal for taking breaks.

Another excellent example of Media Arts!

For a more detailed analysis of the campaign, check out Anthony Kalamut’s blog here.

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