What if we supported Algeria?

After France’s embarrassing behavior during their (brief) presence at the World Cup, I propose that all French supporters now start cheering a team worthy of our love: Algeria.  This is a true, hardworking team, mercifully scandal-free, whose players have many ties to France, notably Bougherra, Karim Matmour, Mansouri and Saïfi.

After a draw with England on June 18th, Algeria will be playing in a decisive game against the US in Pretoria today, where two goals will determine the future of the team.  After the elimination of South Africa and Nigeria, and the poor beginnings of Cameroon and Ivory Coast, Algeria is, alongside Ghana (playing tonight against Germany) the last of the teams from the African continent that can qualify or the second round of the World Cup 2010.  Twenty-four years after the “Fennec Foxes” were in Mexico, the team coached by Rabah Saâdane, is in their third World Cup. This would be a real historical vengeance: in 1982, Algeria couldn’t go on to the second round of the World Cup due to a scandal between Germany and Austria, that forced Fifa to revise its rules.  In order to be qualified for the second round, Germany and Austria fixed a game that definitively eliminated that year’s underdog, Algeria.  28 years later, Algeria is back with a vengeance.  Let’s take back history and give Algeria our full support.