What if we stopped judging people by their appearance?

There are certain advertisements that make me proud to have chosen this career. This video below is one of them, and it should not leave you indifferent. What if you overcame your prejudice? That is the message of this new ad film created by BEING for the Asta Philpot Foundation, which aims to reaffirm – through song – the right to be different, and puts into question our views and judgments of others. Born at the same time of their collaboration on the film Come4.org “The Lover,” which has since been distinguished by numerous festivals (Cannes, Eurobest, Club des DA, Cristal Festival…), this campaign reunites BEING agency and the activist Asta Philpot, whose fight for sexuality for all, handicapped or not, has been made famous by the BBC. The film “Beyond Appearances – The diversity song,” challenges, through verse, our prejudice and our judgments of people and their differences in an upbeat and provocative way in order to promote the message of tolerance of the Asta Philpot Foundation. Made up of a series of portraits, this film denounces with poise superficial first impressions and deceptive appearances – because, as we all should know, we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Cast members were chosen for their differences, which they display and assert proudly in order to bring out the positive message of diversity and self-acceptance of the Foundation. Accordingly, the song, which was composed especially for the occasion (you can read the lyrics at the bottom of this post), declares “If you think I’m different just because of the color of my skin,” or that “I am too old to party,” too bad for you – or more exactly, you can kiss my ass! Dutch singer Ben Von Looy Group Das Pop, who was inspired by great American icons, composed the song “Kiss my ass” and its jazzy melody especially for the video. And against all odds, the warm and heady voice we hear is not that of a member of the Rat Pack, but belongs to no other than Asta Philpot himself! Who would have imagined him in the skin of a crooner? For this campaign, BEING agency called upon the young director Peter Edelmann, whose sense of photography and poetic grain magnify the differences of the protagonists of the film. Congratulations to all of the BEING FRANCE teams who worked on this project, and especially to Being Paris creative directors Alasdhair McGregor Hastie and Thierry Buriez, the creative team Rémy Fournigault and Joris Hale and the production teams of TBWA\Else driven by Maxime Boiron!

asta philpot video


If you think I’m different because of my skin,
That I’m only good for the bin,
oh baby, you can kiss my ass.

If you think I can’t party because of my age,
that that is an odd marriage,
oh baby, you can kiss my ass.

if you think I’m as boring as my ties,
that I can’t do grand things because of my size,
oh baby, you can kiss my ass.

If you think I’m a bad guy given my looks,
and that a blond girl can’t read books,
oh baby, you can kiss my ass.

So you say that I can’t be the best CEO,
I cannot be hot with these kilos,
oh baby, you can kiss my ass.

and if you think that all I can do is booze,
I can’t be a great ma with tattoos,
oh baby, you can kiss my ass.

And if you think you can’t love somebody in a weird body,
you can KISS MY ASS.

asta philpot video 2

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