What if we stood upright, six feet underground?

Thanks to William Borderie, Masters student at Sup de Pub (and currently interning at Grey Paris, where he is working for Procter & Gamble) for turning me on to a fantastic (French) blog titled “Bonne nouvelle, le blog optimiste” (“Good news, the optimist blog”).  The most recent post, on upright burials, is truly a killer idea.  Below is the repost (and translation 😉 ).

“ ‘Upright Burials’.  This was the daring idea of an Australian funeral parlor that offers burying bodies upright, as opposed to in a reclined position.  To learn more see the Funeral Director Tony Dupleix explain the concept here.  According to the company, this achieves 3 objectives:

-It’s earth friendly.  Corpses are buried in biodegradable body bags before being placed in a cylindrical grave, measuring 75 cm in diameter and 2,9 meters in depth.  There is no coffin and, unlike cremation, CO2 emissions are cut considerably.

-It’s economical.  This services retails for some 1,740€, approximately 1/3 of the price of a traditional burial.

-It saves space.  An upright grave takes up less space than a traditional “horizontal” grave.  This is a hot topic right now in cemeteries, which are increasingly squeezed for space.
An idea that’s to die for, no?”

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