What if we started our day with a laugh?


Rémi Gaillard is a French humorist who has spent the past decade shooting absurd guerilla comedy videos.  Much to my delight, he has released a retrospective of his 10 years of delightful provocation.  Each video (some of which have been sponsored by brands) has received an average of 5 million views (Mario Kart got over 25 million views and Rocky gained some 13 million views) and they all finish with the motto C’est en faisant n’importe quoi qu’on devient n’importe qui (“by doing just anything, one becomes just nobody” in English).  After deliberation with my sons, I leave you with some of our favorite Gaillard videos below: the penguin in the frozen foods section, the football supporters, and the snail traffic jam.  Enjoy! 😉




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