What if we slept on cloud 9?

Imagine that your hotel room could lift you to an altitude of 10,000 feet in the air—all while staying earth friendly!  Welcome to the Aircruise project, a visionary transportation project thought up by the Design and Innovation firm SeymourPowell, in partnership with Samsung.  Check out the below presentation video that was just made public.

Aircruise is best described as a futuristic hot-air balloon: a diamond shaped aircraft that can rise to an altitude of 12,000 feet, thanks to its reservoirs equipped with hydrogen and can be propelled by solar energy, gathered from panels.

“Aircruise challenges what we think the future of luxury travel will be: expensive and environmentally unfriendly flights, in cramped spaces” explains SeymourPowell’s design director Nick Talbot.  Inside this 870 foot high “hotel balloon”, is a bar-lounge, 4 duplex apartments, a penthouse, and 5 smaller apartments.  In addition, it’s equipped with a restaurant, a gym and a few individual rooms.  With a speed of 95 miles per hour, this balloon could go from Paris to New York in around 40 hours.  For technical installation, Samsung has announced the presence of flat screens, sensory cameras and floor with memory technology.

Only one question is up in the air: can this crazy idea become a reality?


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